Translation review
Translation review service offers translation evaluation to Customers who wish to ensure that translated texts are linguistically correct, meaningful and suitable for the Greek market. Experienced reviewers are performing the review focusing on following aspects:

  1. Review of the accuracy of the translated text in order to ensure that translation renders exactly the same meaning in Greek as the original text
  2. Conformity with grammatical and syntax rules of the Greek language
  3. Compliance with Customer's approved terminology and style conventions
  4. Compliance with established terminology in the Greek market
  5. Respect of the national standards (currency, date and time formats, etc.) and the geopolitically sensitive issues
  6. Vertification of the style and tone of the translated text to be appropriate for the target audience

Translation verification
In order to verify translations, functional and/or semantic controls are performed in a way that accuracy, accessibility and comprehensiveness of information and elements are assured, when translation reaches the final reader. Check is performed by professionals of the branch, to which translation is addressed.

During verification, it is ensured that final text describes the correct function of the object handled and that modules described are appropriate to the object, as used in Greece, as well as that they form part of it. Text's terminology is also checked to match the commercial and/or scientific terminology used in the branch.